Wefan Gymraeg

Reform party funding

Liberal Democrats want to take the big money out of politics by capping donations to political parties at £10,000 per person each year. We believe that politics should be a battle of ideas, not bank balances. But every time we try to do a deal to reform party funding, Labour and the Conservatives walk out at the last minute to protect the people who bankroll them: unions for Labour and millionaire businessmen for the Conservatives. 



Why do we need to reform party funding?

It is wrong that the outcome of elections can be distorted by a very a small number individuals, unions or businesses giving large amounts of money. Instead, political parties should be encouraged to gain the support and donations of lots of people giving small amounts.  

Which donations would the funding cap include?

The £10,000 cap would apply to donations both of cash and donations in kind. It would apply to donations from individuals, unions and businesses. Legacies would be exempt.

Would donation caps include unions?

The detail would need to be discussed in any talks between the political parties. The Liberal Democrats are clear that Unions members should have to clearly opt-in to their political fund and also have the opportunity to choose which party their contribution supports.

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