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Reflection on last nights Leadership Debate by Christoph Fischer

To say I enjoyed yesterday's election debate would be a lie. The Tory arrogance and incompetence sometimes simply was too much to bear.the-bbc-leaders-debate-takes-place-in-cambridge-690965938-592f28384b7af.jpg

Like her party leader Theresa May, Amber Rudd evaded far too many questions and threw half-truths and empty phrases at us instead.
Admittedly, she came across as less robotic than Theresa May usually does in her controlled and staged appearances, but sadly, Amber seemed just as heart- and charmless as her absent PM.

However, there were some very entertaining moments:

I rejoyced in the audience laughter when Amber Rudd said the Conservatives had "made a clear decision to protect the poorest in our society."

BBC-debate-003.jpg"Have you been to a food bank? Have you seen people sleeping around our stations?"


"Have you seen the levels of poverty that exist because of your government's conscious decisions on benefits?" she was asked when the laughter had subsided. A point which our Llanelli candidate Rory Daniels made in a poignant video. 

Theresa May's absence was criticised by all. 

Tim Farron pointed out: "How dare you call a general election and run away from a debate"BBC-debate-001.jpg

Green party co-leader Caroline Lucas said the "first rule of leadership is to show up,


"You don't say it's the most important election of our lifetime and not be bothered to show up."

The frequent fact checking posts that appeared on screen showed some blatant lies being told and some excellent points being made about false accusations and truth twisting.

Tim was simply brilliant in bringing across our key manifesto policies about the NHS and social care - which stands in sharp contrast to the uncosted and vague Tory offerings.

There was nothing vague or evasive about his statements.

"I will stand up to the Tories over the dementia tax."

"Unlike the Tories the LibDems will guarantee 'triple lock' on pensions"

"If you want the final say on Brexit Lib Dems will stand up for you"

"1p on in come tax to fund the NHS"

If only the Conservative Manifesto could decide at least on the figure for the alleged dementia tax cap. Getting a concrete answer seemed sometimes harder than getting blood out of a stone.

'Judge us on our record',  was the best that Amber could do.

As someone on twitter replied, let's look at the Conservative's record then:



Tim Farron pointed out. Our NHS relies on immigrants.

The most prominent car crash comment of the night for me came from Amber Rudd:


Truly shocking the way this troubling relationship should re-assure us, rather than frighten us. 


"If you want to lead the people, you have to like them as well, and spend time with them" Tim Farron said on Theresa May and told people to switch channels before the closing statement of the Conservatives. Have a brew and watch the Bake off. If Theresa May hasn't got time for you, don't give er yours and listen to her stand-in.

I couldn't have said it better. 

On June 8th vote for a future that is open, tolerant and united. Change Britain's future. Your future!





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