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Work and Wellbeing Post-COVID Policy Working Group


The Policy Working Group's Remit

COVID has fundamentally changed our outlook on the role of work, how we access our communities, and our well-being. What can we embed from this new normal, and how does it alter our approach in other areas?

  1. How do we respond to changes in home working and what impact and demands does this have on local communities, transport networks, and individuals?
  2. How do we support people to weather and navigate the ensuing recession? How do we ensure that people can live with dignity, freedom and security? What role does skills, life-long learning, and Social Security (including a Universal Basic Income) play?
  3. What have we learnt about the role of housing, infrastructure and digital inclusion, and how do we respond?
  4. What is the impact on high streets and town centres, and what should our priorities be? Is the traditional model of a high street a dead-duck and what context are businesses and retailers now working in?
  5. What role can childcare, community services and resources, public services, and education play in our recovery?

The Working Group's Task

The aim of each Working Group will be to consider and respond to key policy questions and present findings, evidence, and policy proposals (or broad policy aims and objectives) that are essential to the 2021 election and which represent gaps in the party’s existing body of policy. The group should also consider what policy from 2016 and 2019 manifestos can be ‘carried over’ to our 2021 manifesto.

The group will take evidence and consult as widely as possible both within and outside the party. This evidence should inform the group’s proposals. Working Groups are expected to produce a Local party Events Pack’ to engage members on a local level in their work. This also includes the potential to deliver two virtual engagement sessions with members across Wales.

It is recommended that the Working Group appoint a Chair who can liaise with the Policy Development Committee, Policy Development Executive Officer, and Staff.

A policy paper (of no longer than 10,000 words) should be produced for consideration by the Policy Development Committee. Papers should:

  • Provide an assessment of the key challenges within the policy area or theme (including those as a result of COVID);
  • Provide a vision or objective that the Welsh Liberal Democrats would seek to deliver (a statement of intent);
  • Present policy solutions that allow us to be bold, distinctive and proudly liberal in our response;
  • Provide an assessment of the likely key debates or policy issues for the 2021 election and which parties will ‘major’ on those issues;
  • Consider the campaigning implications of your proposals.

The Working Group should also produce, in addition to the policy paper, a Policy Pitch for each of the key policies it believes the Welsh Liberal Democrats should adopt for our 2021 Manifesto.

In its work the Policy Working Group is to consider:

  • The quality of homes, including security of tenure in the private rented sector;
  • Infrastructure and digital connectivity;
  • Loneliness, isolation and well-being, and what we can learn for other policy areas i.e. access to resources, opportunities etc;
  • Impact on people’s places of work and interacting with business, office spaces, transport etc;
  • Economic levers available to Welsh Government and Local Authorities;
  • Enabling return to work and financial stability for households.

The group is also expected to consider and address Liberal Democrat principles on diversity and equalities in developing their proposals. The process should take into account existing policy. Consideration should also be given to policy priorities, and implications for constitutional reform.

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