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Put North Wales Health Board into special measures - Aled Roberts AM

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board must be placed in special measures following systemic failings found within the health board, Aled Roberts AM has said today.

This follows a series of damning reports into huge failings of health care in North Wales, including the recent report into the treatment of patients of Tawel Fan ward.

Aled Roberts, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for North Wales, has said it is now time for commissioners to be brought in to control the health board.

Aled Roberts said:

“Enough is enough: this failing health board needs intervention and must be put into Special Measures now.

“This is a health board in need of help and support. The Welsh Labour Government sought to assure us in 2013 that it was making targeted interventions, yet it is apparent that these haven’t had the desired affect. Using the Welsh Government’s own model of escalation, it’s now time to place the board under Special Measures.

“People in North Wales have had enough excuses. The Health Board has had more than enough chances but has shown it is incapable of channging things around. The time has come for a drastic solution.

“When social services are failing, the Welsh Government places them into Special Measures. Likewise, local councils failing also face intervention with respected commissioners taking over. The poor situation of healthcare in North Wales needs the same level of positive action to sort it out.

“We in North Wales need to be able to trust the people in charge of our health services; we need people who can finally start delivering results for patients. The time for change is now.”

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