Wefan Gymraeg

Progressive Agreement

In May 2016 Kirsty Williams and the First Minister of Wales reached a Progressive Agreement that the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Welsh Labour would work together in Government. The agreement was endorsed by members of the Welsh Liberal Democrats at a Special Conference. Kirsty Williams became Cabinet Secretary for Education in the Welsh Government, and the agreement included a range of common priorities in other policy areas.

In December 2018, Carwyn Jones resigned as First Minister and Mark Drakeford was elected to replace him. Kirsty Williams and Mark Drakeford have reached a new Progressive Agreement.

The agreement affirms both parties’ commitment to the 2016 Progressive Agreement and its shared priorities.  Alongside noting the significant progress made since Kirsty Williams became Education Secretary, the agreement also unveils new education policies and reforms that will be implemented over the coming years.

The agreement recognises the distinct identities and policies of each party, while allowing each party to on occasion express different positions on reserved matters. This has previously happened on certain occasions regarding UK/EU relations.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are having a real influence in the Welsh Government. You can find out more below.

Education Priorities

Common Priorities

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