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The Senedd elections in 2021 are critical for Wales and for the Welsh Liberal Democrats. The Coronavirus has changed everything. Wales needs bold and radical ideas that will reset the dial and build a fairer, more liberal Wales. The Welsh Liberal Democrats need a distinctive, radical liberal offer if we’re going to stand out in the crowd and return a Welsh Liberal Democrat group to the Senedd next May.

Can you help?

The Policy Working Groups will be expected, over a period of three to four months, to consider some key challenges facing people’s daily lives; our economy, our public services and our health and social care services, and produce evidence-based reports and policy solutions that will attract attention and drive national, regional and local campaigning.

We are inviting members to get involved.

We’re looking for more than just policy expertise - if you’ve worked as a Key Worker, if you’ve experienced furlough, if you have first-hand experience of delivering or accessing services, or if you run a business, we want to hear from you. Lived experience is just as important as policy knowledge, and we’d strongly encourage you to apply.

We are currently inviting party members to apply to be members of the following Policy Working Groups:

Apply to get involved with a Policy Working Group

For more information you can contact Cllr Rhys Taylor, (Interim) Policy Development Executive Officer.

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