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Police must record stop-and-search data to avoid racial discrimination, say Welsh Lib Dems

The Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner has said she would ensure data on the ethnicity of those stopped and searched is published if elected.

Judith Woodman said she would “stamp out racial discrimination in our police services” after the party pointed to figures showing a black person were on average five times more likely to be stopped and searched than a white person in other parts of Wales.

Cllr Woodman also pledged to address the lack of black and minority ethnic officers in South Wales police, after figures showed only 1.9% of officers were BAME compared to a population of 6.6%.

Judith Woodman, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for South Wales, said:

“Black and minority ethnic people in other parts of Wales are five times more likely to be stopped and searched by police than white people, yet they account for nowhere near that proportion of crimes committed. This sort of racial discrimination should be unacceptable in the 21st century, yet it too often goes unnoticed.

“I find it very hard to believe racial discrimination in stop-and-search procedures doesn't happen in South Wales too, but at the moment our police force can hide from scrutiny by not collecting this data. I will make it a priority to record and publish these figures so our police can be properly held to account.

“A vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats is a vote to build a police force that works for you, stamping out racial discrimination and making our police officers more reflective of the communities they serve.”

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