Wefan Gymraeg

Pledge to Vote

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are a party you can trust to stand up for you and your community. 

We Believe

A better future is possible – a Wales with strong communities, supported by efficient public services, and with local people in the driving seat.

Our children deserve the best start in life, which means creating an education system that is the source of national pride.

Wales and Britain are stronger in Europe. We will fight for our place in the single market to protect jobs, business and investment, and demand a vote of the people on the final deal.

We Reject

The lack of vision of many of Wales’ councillors. We will work tirelessly to root out complacency, favouritism and cronyism in politics, creating accountable and responsible local councils.

The politics of division and intolerance that has infected our politics – we stand for an open and tolerant society, where the most vulnerable are protected, supported, and enabled to get ahead in life.

We Will

Confront the difficult choices facing communities, and make better use of public money to deliver better, more effective public services for you and your community. 

In this election, a vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats is a vote for - 

  •  Creating stronger communities and better public services to the benefit of all.
  •  Giving our children the best start in life.
  •  Creating accountable, more transparent and responsible local councils.

 Will you back us in May? Will you stand up for a decent, tolerant and united Wales?

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Yes, I support Welsh Liberal Democrats.
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No, I do not support Welsh Liberal Democrats.
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