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Phil Sandalwood: A side way glance at the election by Letter - 2

Understanding one of Wales' finest seats


I love nothing better than a walk through the Brecon Beacons. I've always thought of Brecon and Radnorshire as LibDem heartland and my heart bled when we lost the parliamentary seat in the last election.

It's a good job that we elected Kirsty Williams as assembly member for Brecon and subsequently even as the Education Secretary in the Welsh government. Thanks to her good work voters in the constituency never could quite forget the caring aspects of our party. 

Good news is though that things might be about to change back to the good old ways. Speaking to people in Ystraglanais on the door step, people seem to be missing the times of the friendly and caring Libdem governance. People couldn't even name the current Conservative MP, but they all knew about Kirsty and the good things she has done for Education in Wales.

And even better news that the LibDem candidate is James Gibson-Watt. He used be a member of the Development Board for Rural Wales and the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority, so someone who understands about one of our most treasured nature reserves. Listening to the campaigners in the office in Brecon, people are responding well to him.

The papers say that the LibDem's polling results are patchy in places but Brecon is one of the really good patches, where it only takes a small swing back to bring back the caring and conscientious LibDem hand to the constituency. People trust his warm and open nature and subscribe to his values. I know who I'd rather entrust the NHS and my pension to. So watch this space, but you just might be in for a surprise result here on June 8th.  


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