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Phil Sandalwood: A side way glance at the election by Letter - 1

I’ve had a cracking old day on Cardiff Bay this morning. It was a bit nippy from the easterly wind while waiting for the LibDem campaign bus but I stood next to Glenis from Brecon who was entertaining us waiting lot by reading out news updates from her smart phone. I wouldn’t use one of those things but I should consider purchasing one maybe if they can be such great entertainment value.
“Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson,” she said with a broad grin on her face, "is genuinely worried about some of the things that Jeremy Corbyn stands for and believes in".
“Look who’s talking,” a bearded man from up North – probably Wrexham judging by the accent said.
"This is a time of great uncertainty in the world...” Glenis continued and tried to frighten us listeners with a stare, but we were still in stitches. That Boris would bring this up so soon after his debacle with the Russia visit was the perfect irony. With the two most disturbing politicians fighting over who is more irresponsible, it’s no surprise so many people came out to see Tim Farron.
Only days after Macron won in France, the leaver likes of Boris just seem to have seen the best of their political days. He’ll soon be driving the campaign bus for Le Pen in la France, where he’s sure to receive a “grand” welcome.

In the mean time I met a young bloke from Llanelli, Rory. A 19 year old student of politics, who excitedly held up an orange LibDem placard. God those were the days, I thought. His enthusiasm reminded me of my first days at Bangor University and our protest marches supporting the miners against Maggie Thatcher. While I bit into my sandwich Rory revealed to me that he is the actual candidate for the General Election and had already been campaigning for the LibDems over a year. I nearly chocked on a lettuce leaf listening to his story. I thought the younger generation had given up on politics, but Rory told me how many of his friends joined the LibDems after the referendum. Well I take off my wooly hat and Birkenstocks to this new wave of youth activists. Low and behold, Party Leader Tim Farron arrived shortly after with the orange and black campaign bus and Rory was even the first on stage to speak to him.


As Rory left me standing alone watching him on the stage I had the pleasure to talk to a lady from Llandeilo. Turns out she’s been keeping busy. Lesley Prosser was candidate for the county election in her ward, got elected on the town council and is now the candidate for her constituency at the General Election. “The people must be sick of your face by now,” Glenis said. “How many leaflets have they all had from you since January?”
Lesley smiled. “There’s a few more to come,” she said. “The people are all happy that someone cares enough to knock on their doors time and time again. I’m having great responses at the door step.”
I must say I’m not surprised. Lesley had some home-made banana cake with her which she generously shared around.
“Labour leader wants a Minister for Peace, but is not a pacifist,” Glenis read out from her smart phone. I tell you, I take a banana cake from Lesley any day over such lukewarm peace sentiment. I think the cakes would go a long way further and be more effective.

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