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Peter Black chosen to lead South Wales West list for Welsh Lib Dems

Welsh Liberal Democrat members have chosen the party’s lead candidates for the South Wales West Assembly regional list election.

A democratic postal ballot of all members in the region, which covers Swansea, Bridgend and Neath Port Talbot, chose the following candidates for the regional list in 2016:

1. Peter Black

2. Cheryl Green

Peter Black is the current South Wales West Assembly Member, having served since the Assembly’s first election in 1999. Peter served as a Deputy Minister in the Labour-Lib Dem Partnership Government. He is also a Councillor and former Cabinet member in Swansea, and prior to being an AM he worked for the Land Registry.

Cheryl Green is a former Leader of Bridgend Council, and still leads the Welsh Lib Dem group on the authority. A Councillor for her home Laleston ward since 1998, she runs a software company with her husband.

Further names to fill the remaining places on the list will be announced in due course.

Peter Black AM, lead Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for South Wales West, said:

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats have a strong record of delivery for the people of south west Wales. I led budget negotiations that have delivered nearly £53m extra for the region’s schools, discounted bus travel for nearly 19,000 of the region’s young people, and so much more which would not be happening without the Welsh Lib Dems.

“At the last election I got in with a majority of 54 out of 154,000 votes cast. The choice for the fourth seat in South Wales West is clear: do you want a hard-working Welsh Lib Dem AM with a proven track record, or UKIP who’ve proven time and time again that they’d rather waste money than do their jobs?

“I’ve spoken to traditional Plaid, Labour and Conservative voters on the doorsteps over the past few months who are lending their second regional list votes to the Welsh Lib Dems to stop UKIP. I’d urge anyone who utterly opposes their views to do the same.”

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