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Permanent intergovernmental frameworks needed after Brexit

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed progress in negotiations between the UK and Welsh Governments over the EU Withdrawal Bill’s impact on devolution. However, in the long term statutory frameworks are necessary to protect devolution and improve intergovernmental working.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have consistently called for improved common frameworks to resolve disagreements between Governments, ensure devolution is respected and ensure the involvement of devolved legislatures in decision making.

Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Jane Dodds commented:

While far from perfect, the agreement between the UK and Welsh Governments is better late than never, but the UK Government should have made these compromises long ago as they originally promised.

I look forward to seeing the UK Government’s amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill but I’m pleased that for all its other problems, the Bill will no longer threaten devolution.

It’s clear moving forward that the current system is not fit for purpose. We cannot rely on informally arranged meetings between Governments every few months if we are to successfully create the common frameworks we need after Brexit.

The UK needs statutory intergovernmental frameworks to resolve differences and ensure every Government’s voice is heard in areas of common interest. If we want every corner of the UK to flourish than we must ensure every part of the UK can play its part in shaping our future.

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