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New Party President Announced

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are happy to announce Cllr William Powell as the Party's new President. He takes over the role from his fellow Powys councillor Roger Williams.

 Commenting on his election, William Powell said:

"It is a real honour to have been elected as Welsh Liberal Democrat Party President, succeeding my friends Cllr Roger Williams and his predecessor, Baroness Christine Humphreys.

"On their watch, Welsh Lib Dem membership has surged from a low after the 2010 -15 Coalition to well over 3,000 and we are determined to build on this. Our positive message on opposing the self-harm of hard Brexit under Vince Cable - and Kirsty Williams' excellent achievements as Cabinet Secretary for Education here in Wales are two key reasons for this.

"Clearly, the legacy of our setback at the National Assembly elections last year and the sad loss of the Ceredigion constituency at the recent General Election have necessitated some changes around party organisation and staffing. That presents rank and file party members with the opportunity to make a stronger contribution to the party's development than was hitherto possible. 

"Mark Williams was an excellent leader of the Welsh Lib Dems since acceding to the role in 2016. At our recent conference in Llanelli, the party has now liberalised its rules, giving non-parliamentarians the opportunity to take on the leadership - and nominations for that role are currently open.

"Up until the emergence of our new leader and beyond, my role will be to work with local Lib Dem associations throughout Wales to help grow our numbers and to contribute to the party's renaissance."

Carole O'Toole, Chair of the Welsh Liberal Democrats National Executive Committee commented: "I am looking forward to working with William Powell in his new role. Bill has a wealth of experience to draw on and as a team, we will be able to build on the Party's well-established campaigning roots to become a strong political presence across Wales."

The Party is also pleased to confirm Mark Cole in the role of Deputy President of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Bob Griffin as the Party Treasurer. Both having been re-elected unopposed, they continue in the same roles that they held in the previous term.

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