Wefan Gymraeg

Our vision

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Wales needs a new way of living. That means we are caring and compassionate. That everyone has opportunity to prosper. That we don’t destroy our environment. 
My vision for Wales, as the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats is that we work as part of a bigger team - in the United Kingdom and in Europe. That we can live healthier and more balanced lives. 

My vision for Wales is that we put social justice at the heart of everything we do. That we are at the forefront of a green economy, and we exceed our targets to tackle climate change in Wales.

That we remain in the European Union by campaigning for a People's Vote. I want to see us commit to a pilot on Universal Basic Income,

If you believe in this vision for Wales, and you want an alternative to the uncaring Conservatives, Corbyn's Labour Party and the nationalism of Plaid Cymru then please join us.

We don’t have any time to lose.

Thank you,

Jane Dodds,
Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats