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Our recovery plan for education

Welsh Liberal Democrats plan for an education recovery:

By Ryan Cairns, Apr 02, 2021 3:04

Lib Dems have achieved big on Education in the Senedd

Kirsty Williams in her role in Government has been the personification of what Liberal Democrats can do if they win this May. From free school meals for the most vulnerable to a new Erasmus+ scheme to promote opportunity for all, to a modern curriculum for a modern Wales, Kirsty Williams has made huge strides in education, despite being the only Liberal Democrats MS. Now, we want to go even further. 

We have to put the recovery first - for our children and young people’s learning.

Liberal Democrats would build on the progress we’ve already made in the Senedd. We would: 

🍎 Tackle holiday hunger by continuing Free Schools Meals over all school holidays on a permanent basis. 

👩🏻‍🏫 Expand current Personal Learning Accounts, so that everyone has the chance to continue learning and training. This will contribute to renewing a greener, stronger economy for Wales.

👶🏼 Providing all families with access to high-quality, free childcare and early-years education from the age of 9 months, and before-school, after-school and part-time holiday care.

We have to care for our most vulnerable in society, not leave them behind in a time of hardship like we have seen from the Conservative Government. 

As well as being more caring to the most vulnerable and promoting a greener economic recovery our society must be fairer. 

During the pandemic we have seen lost opportunities of our children and young people, and one thing is clear: a strong education system is the key to our nation's recovery. 

The Liberal Democrats have a plan for our education system, a plan that would put recovery first and a plan to provide opportunities for our children and young people.


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