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On 22 May, your choice is simple.

Do you think Britain is better off in Europe or do you want us out of it? Will you back a party that will lead us towards the exit, or do you want your representatives to make sure Britain remains engaged with our neighbours - a leading country in our European backyard?

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are Wales's party of IN. We want Wales and the UK to stay in Europe - because that is how we keep our nation strong, prosperous, safe and green.


Wales is stronger by being IN Europe. We get £144 million from our EU membership, which funds jobs, research and manufacturing across the country.

As members of the European Union, our businesses have access to 500m European customers. Trade with other European countries supports thousands of Welsh jobs.

As members of the European Union, Wales is part of a global economic superpower. We have far greater influence as part of a powerful, 28-member bloc.

As members of the European Union, our police can work with their counterparts abroad to crack down on the criminals who cross our borders. Collectively, our governments can be much bolder in the fight against climate change too.

Alec Dauncey, the Welsh Liberal Democrat lead European candidate, knows this all too well. As a former civil servant and forester, he has sat around EU negotiating tables and knows how to fight for the best deal for Wales.

"The reality is that we can't tackle all of Wales' or Britain's problems alone," says Alec. "It is essential that we work closely with other countries to help us all pull through these tough times, in an uncertain wider world. The European Union is key to our economic future, to our jobs and our wellbeing. Decisions that are made in Brussels are important for all of us. We need to get stuck in, not complain from the sidelines." 

Over the coming weeks you will hear other parties blame all of Britain's problems on Brussels. It's certainly true that the EU's institutions are not perfect - just as Westminster and Cardiff Bay aren't. But don't be fooled: being in Europe is good for Wales and good for Britain. Leaving the EU is the surest way to trash our economic recovery.

Pulling up the drawbridge would leave our nation isolated and diminished in the world. Now is the time to use your voice to protect our interests. On 22 May, vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

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