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No place for President Trump in Wales

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds has condemned President Trump's retweeting of Britain First and called for his state visit to be cancelled.

"There is no place in society for the hatred, division and fear shown by Britain First everyday. To see the supposed leader of the free world give oxygen to such poisonous and divisive views is sickening." 

"The murder of Jo Cox left no doubt that there are very real and devastating consequences to the rhetoric espoused by Britain First. Giving the go ahead to a state visit to a President who has sought to amplify these views would fatally undermine the Government's credibility in standing up to bigotry at home and abroad. President Trump has degraded his own office, and we should not give him the opportunity to do the same to Wales and the UK. The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe in a Wales that is open, tolerant and united. President Trump has no place in that sort of society."

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