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No Excuses not to Back People’s Vote

Following the UK Government’s survival in the no confidence vote in Parliament, there are now no excuses for Labour not to back a People’s Vote.

The UK Government survived the no confidence vote by 19 votes as the DUP and hard Brexit Conservative MPs supported the Government despite voting down the Government’s Brexit deal.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said:

Brexit has become a national embarrassment, as British politics continues to stumble from crisis to farce. The only viable way to end this chaos is to give the people the final say and the opportunity to choose an Exit from Brexit.

Disappointingly, Labour continually refuse to support a People’s Vote, claiming they must attempt to force a general election first and only supporting a referendum if this fails.

Now that the UK Government has survived the no confidence vote, it’s clear Labour have failed to force a general election. They must now listen to their members, enact party policy and wholeheartedly endorse a People’s Vote. There can be no excuses.

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