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No deal Brexit would be devastating for Aston Martin and South Wales

Mark Wilson, the Chief Financial Officer of Aston Martin, has told MPs that a no deal Brexit would be “semi catastrophic” and would mean his company would have to temporarily stop production.

A halt in production would have severe consequences for Aston Martin’s St Athan factory in South Wales. Production of the Aston Martin’s DBX model at St Athan is expected to create 750 highly skilled jobs and support a further 1,000 jobs in the supply chain once production starts in 2019.

Speaking on behalf of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds said:

“Aston Martin’s admission that a no deal Brexit would lead to a halt in production is a damning indictment of Brexit’s impact on the Welsh Economy.”

“A no deal Brexit would have a crippling impact on industry across Wales, from Airbus in Broughton to Tata in Port Talbot. The UK Government must immediately end their dangerous flirtation with a no deal Brexit that would have devastating implications for Welsh jobs and industry.”

“As the full implications of Brexit for the Welsh Economy become increasingly clear, it’s only right that it’s people and not politicians who have the final say on Brexit deal and the opportunity to vote for an exit from Brexit.”

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