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No Brexit deal would do irreversible harm to Wales

Figures revealed today by thinktank Demos show that Wales is among the regions most likely to lose out from Brexit and possible tariffs on British exports.

Agriculture and manufacturing are those industries likely to be severely hit by tariffs on Britain’s withdrawal from the Single Market. It is estimated that tariffs on exports to the EU could stand at 33.5% for dairy produce.

Commenting, Mark Williams MP said;

“It becomes clearer by the day that the hardest of hard Brexit that Theresa May has chosen to pursue will cause deep and irreversible harm to Wales and our economy.

“Wales exports more than 65% of our goods to the EU, which includes our world-class agricultural produce, and tariffs will hold our farmers and Wales back.

“Theresa May’s decision to take Wales and the UK out of the Single Market shows just how out of touch this Conservative Government really is.

“We cannot have a strong economy and a hard-Brexit. The Liberal Democrats will fight for Wales and the UK’s place in the Single Market."

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