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No Brexit Deal Without Irish Backstop

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have criticised the announcement Theresa May intends to renegotiate her Brexit deal with the EU to remove the Irish backstop.


The announcement comes ahead of votes in Parliament on a series of Brexit amendments, including the ‘Cooper-Boles amendment’ that would prevent a no deal Brexit and the ‘Brady amendment’ that would endorse a withdrawal agreement that doesn’t include the backstop.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said:

Brexit is a national embarrassment, yet somehow it only seems to get more chaotic. It beggars belief that with only a few weeks left until we’re scheduled to leave the EU, Theresa May is planning on going back to the EU to try and renegotiate her deal.

The EU have consistently and clearly said that there is no Brexit deal without the Irish backstop, something until very recently Theresa May herself said and accepted. The only way to avoid the backstop is to agree a future relationship that would avoid a hard border. This relationship would at least have to mean staying in the single market and customs union.

We urge Parliament to reject the fanciful and pointless ‘Brady amendment’ and instead support the ‘Cooper-Boles amendment’ which would rule out a disastrous no deal Brexit.

Theresa May must finally accept what we’ve long known, the only solution to this Brexit crisis is to give the people the final say including the option to remain in the EU.

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