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Could you help run the Welsh Liberal Democrats?

There are currently 4 open vacancies on Welsh Liberal Democrat committees that are open to all members.

Being on a committee is a really potent way of having your say on how our party is run. If you're keen to get more involved, why not take a look?

Ordinary Member of the Membership Development Committee

1 vacancy to be filled

Ordinary Member of the Board

1 vacancy to be filled

Ordinary Member of the Finance & Resources Committee 

2 vacancies to be filled

Never stood before? Don't worry - the Federal Party has put together a guide to the process that you might find useful:

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It's a really exciting time to be involved with the Welsh party. With the Welsh Parliament elections coming up next year, this is your chance to be part of a big win for the Liberal Democrats. We'd love to have you on board!

If you're interested, all the info you need can be found at the link below. Nominations are open from the 4th March until the 25th March - good luck!

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Getting nominated for a party committee

If you want to make your mark on the party by contributing to one of the volunteer committees that run things, then the first step is getting nominated.

To help you do that, we’ve produced this guide.

First though, you probably need to know which positions are currently open. Those posts are:

Ordinary Member, Membership Development Committee (1 post)*

Ordinary Member, Board (1 post)*

Ordinary Member, Finance & Resources Committee (2 posts)*

*These posts are open to members of the Welsh Liberal Democrats only

How to get nominated

The first step to getting nominated is to submit your Consent to Nominations form.

You can do that online here: www.libdems.org.uk/consent-to-nominations

Or you can download the paper form here:

The paper form must be returned to Internal Elections Team, Liberal Democrats, 4 Clifton Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5DR

To fill out the form, you’ll need to know:
Your name;
The email the party has on file for you (to find this out search your inbox for an email from internalcomms@libdems.org.uk and check which email it says in the footer, which is the grey box at the very bottom) and;
Your membership number (which can be found in the same place, or by emailing elections@libdems.org.uk).

You should then get an automatic email back telling you if your Consent form has been accepted. If you use a different email address or there’s a problem with your membership, you’ll get an email back telling you who to contact about that.

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81 incidents involving weapons on Welsh rail network in last three years

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have revealed there were 81 incidents involving offensive weapons on trains or at rail stations in Wales over the last three years.

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St David’s Day should be a public holiday

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have called upon the UK Government to give the Senedd the power to legislate for Saint David’s Day to become a public holiday in Wales.

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Welsh Lib Dems call for Assembly Inquiry into Flooding

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have called for the Assembly’s Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee to launch an inquiry into recent flooding around Pentre and the role work by Natural Resources Wales may have played in the flooding.

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Conservatives breaking key pledges to farmers

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have expressed deep concern over the news farm funding in England will be cut by up to 25% next year, with the decision having significant implications for the future of farm funding in Wales.

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Unacceptable that patients are waiting longer in A&E

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have criticised the length of NHS Wales waiting times following the release of January’s A&E data showing waiting times to be the worst on record having risen yet again.

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Improved ambulance response times a good start

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed the Welsh Ambulance Services’ improved performance in January, with 100 more life threatening calls being responded to within the 8 minutes target.

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Difficulties in Accessing GPs Unacceptable

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have branded it “unacceptable” that 40% of people find it difficult to make a GP appointment and called for more to be done to improve people’s access to GPs.

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Government Must Protect BBC and S4C

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have called on the UK Government to reverse plans to scrap the BBC licence fee and ensure the future of S4C is secure in any future funding settlement.

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