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Conservatives must deliver on the Swansea Lagoon

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds has called for the UK Government to honour their previous commitment to support the Swansea Tidal Lagoon.

The UK Government and Swansea Council today stated that the Developers behind the project no longer have planning permission, following a series of delays and roadblocks.

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Scrap costly Police & Crime Commissioners

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have called for Police and Crime Commissioners to be scrapped, after FOI requests reveal PCCs have spent almost £9million on PR and staffing costs in the last four years.

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Welsh Lib Dems launch campaign to save creative art spaces

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have launched a new campaign aimed at saving creative art spaces in Wales which have been hugely hit by Covid-19.

The campaign is being led by the Party’s youth wing, the Welsh Young Liberals, and calls for greater financial support from both the UK and Welsh Governments to support the creative industries.

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Delyn MP must resign to end 'saga of scandals'

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds has called for Rob Roberts MP to resign following yet more reports of inappropriate behaviour towards his staff.

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Independence won't fix Wales

As MSs prepare to debate a Welsh independence referendum, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have said they don't believe that either independence or the status quo works for Wales.

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Job losses at Media Wales pose big threat to Welsh media

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have warned that swift action is needed from both the UK and Welsh Governments to help save local newspapers, following news that Media Wales has issued redundancy warnings to 70 of their staff.

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Conservatives must come clean about Armed Forces cuts

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds has expressed major concerns about reported plans to make significant cuts to the Armed Forces. 

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Airbus job losses show importance of investing in the green economy

Responding to the news that Airbus is going to cut 1,435 jobs at its North Wales facilities, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds said:

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Welsh Lib Dems voice support for Flintshire lagoon plan

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have voiced their support for the Flintshire Tidal Lagoon project unveiled by Port of Mostyn.

The plans published would see a 6.7 kilometre lagoon, stretching from the breakwater at Mostyn to Point of Ayr in Flintshire, constructed to produce renewable green energy. 

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Conservatives playing smoke and mirrors with commission

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have criticised the Conservative decision to set up a commission on food standards, without giving it the power to make any meaningful decisions or recommendations.

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