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MP appalled at Arriva Buses Wales cutbacks

Ceredigion's Welsh liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams said he was appalled at Arriva's course of action. Commenting, he said:

'Arriva have been at great pains to emphasise to me in the past their commitment in our area. When we demonstrated outside the bus depot in Aberystwyth about cutbacks in the Cribyn area, they said they would improve consultation and dialogue. Those commitments look meaningless now, and I believe they have behaved shamefully towards their workforce and the wider community.

'While there have been rumours for some time, this is indeed a shock decision with no interim arrangements in place, and the withdrawal of all but one service from December 2013. These services are crucial for the local community, for the student communities in Lampeter and Aberystwyth, and for our local economy. People really do rely on these services, and Arriva have left us well and truly in the lurch. People need to get to work; they need to visit family and friends; not everyone drives a car or can afford one. These services are required.

'I very much endorse the comments from Ceredigion County Council that we need to see the retendering of these services as soon as possible, and I hope there is a role there for some of our excellent Ceredigion-based bus operators. The Arriva workforce and the wider community need to be assured that this will happen as soon as possible.

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