Wefan Gymraeg

More Houses


The Welsh Liberal Democrat pledged to fund 20,000 extra affordable homes by 2021. It recognised the importance of providing a secure environment for every person and their family, and acknowledged the “crippling undersupply of housing” needed to be addressed.

The Progressive Agreement stated that “20,000 extra affordable homes are funded.”

The Welsh Government is now committed to building 20,000 affordable homes by 2021. Over £1.5bn will be available to achieve this. 14,000 will be available to rent while 6,000 will be available through the Help to Buy Scheme.

Housing pacts with key partners in both the social and market housing sectors will commit all parties to specific objectives and the principle of joint working to achieve the target.

Cllr Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Housing, said:

“We have consistently been the party that has put housing on the political agenda.

“The commitment to 20,000 new homes is welcome news for people across Wales for who prices have simply got too far out of reach.

“In the last election it was the Welsh Liberal Democrats who made building 20,000 affordable new homes a priority. I’m pleased that we are using our influence in Government to deliver on our priorities.

 “The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that every person should be able to provide a secure environment for their family and 20,000 new homes is exactly the ambition that this Government needs to deliver a fairer society for all.”

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