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Mike Sheehan

Mike Sheehan is the Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Gower in May's Senedd Election.

I’m Mike. I grew up in London, where my dad moved from Merthyr. I studied International Politics at Aberystwyth University before moving to work in Scotland. I returned to Wales in 2004 to become Professor of International Relations at Swansea University. I am the author of 11 books on international security. I recently retired, and live with my wife Cath, (who is a Gower girl born and bred) in Crofty. I am a former Governor of Llanridian Primary School. I love walking in the Gower and playing electric guitar.

I was motivated to join the Liberals by a desire to tackle the burning injustices in society. Policies change, depending on circumstances. Values don’t. The Lib Dems have always stood for a society where freedom, individual rights and care for those in need take priority. I believe that now, more than ever, our core values of equality and community are key to creating a fairer society in a post- covid Wales.

As the country tries to recover from the impact of Covid, we are burdened with the most corrupt, incompetent and heartless government in centuries. Their plans to introduce a new wave of austerity on the country will have catastrophic consequences for businesses and ordinary people. Instead we should be focussed on building back a better economy and overcoming the bitter divisions in society that the Tories have created.

Kirsty Williams as Education Secretary has shown the real difference that Liberal Democrats can make in the Senedd.  If elected to the Senedd for Gower, I will work tirelessly to fight the impact of Tory austerity policies and address the real concerns of people in Gower.  I will encourage the creation of more affordable housing for the people of Gower and support the local industries such as farming, tourism and the cockle industry, hit hard by Covid and the Westminster governments inept trade policies.

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