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May has raided the ‘Treasury’s magic money tree’ at Wales’ expense

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have challenged the Conservative Government on it’s legislative and investment priorities for Wales.  

During the election the Conservatives made commitments to invest in Wales’ infrastructure, including the modernisation of roads and railways in Wales. The Queen’s Speech lacked any specific reference to the Government’s priorities for Wales. 

Speaking in the House of Lords, Baroness Christine Humphreys, Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Wales in the House of Lords, said;

“This is a Brexit programme for a Brexit government following a Brexit general election which produced no mandate in Wales for this Conservative government.

“Mrs May is no more concerned about the future of Wales and the United Kingdom than she is with scraping the barrel to fudge dodgy deals with the DUP to keep her in power. 

“The Queen’s Speech was void of any detail on the future of our children and our economy. The Conservatives’ election promises to modernise our infrastructure have been ditched to raid the Treasury’s magic money tree to keep Mrs May in Number 10.

“If the Conservatives are committed to building a fairer more united country, they will honour their promises to invest in Wales and our future.”

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