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Marked registers

Marked Register


The marked register is a copy of the electoral register used by a local authority in polling stations on polling day to mark when people have voted. When someone receives their ballot paper at the polling station their name is crossed through on this register. The marked register is the definitive record of who has and has not voted at the polling station in a particular election. 


We need help putting these into Connect. 


Amongst other things, the marked register is a valuable resource for:  

  1. targeting your Voter ID activity, especially if you have limited resources  ensuring you focus your ‘Get Out The Vote’ (GOTV) work on those whose voting behaviour you are most likely to change
  2. Identifying Welsh Lib Dem supporters who should be encouraged to sign up for a postal vote 


Marked registers can be used to identify:  

  • who is most likely to vote, and should be persuaded to vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats
  • which of our supporters need more encouragement to turn out to vote  
  • those who vote in some types of election, but not in others


The Welsh Lib Dem Team will be on hand to make sure you have the necessary training before going any further. 


Job skills and requirements


  • Understanding of Excel 
  • Attention to detail


Time Commitment

4 hours to complete a ward. This job needs to be completed by early December. 


If you are able to lend a hand, let me know at [email protected]

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