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Mark Williams congratulates Sarah Olney on Richmond Park by-election

"My congratulations to Sarah Olney on an absolutely fantastic victory in the Richmond Park by-election. Welsh Liberal Democrat members are proud to have been part of this campaign and to see such hard work pay off.

"This win is not just about Richmond Park, but it is an important statement from the electorate that the Government cannot continue to take us down the road to a hard Brexit, which would see us far poorer outside of the single market. That would be bad for people in Richmond Park, and it would be disastrous for people in Wales, whether in towns and cities, or in small rural communities.

"It is time that the Government recognise that the vote to leave the EU does not give them a blank cheque to do as they wish or to ignore the 48% of the electorate that voted to remain. Sarah's victory must be a wake up call for both the Government and politicians of all parties."

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