Wefan Gymraeg

Change Wales' Future

This is your chance to change Wales’ future.

This is a very special election. The key issue – leaving our 27 partner countries in Europe – will affect us and the lives of yours and my children for decades to come.

A huge Tory majority would give a blank cheque to Theresa May – to take Britain out of the EU regardless of the harm done.

Wales simply can’t afford another out of touch Conservative government for the next five years.

Some issues are decided in Westminster and others by the Welsh Government and National Assembly. So, this manifesto sets out our party’s major policies and says how we want those themes to be carried forward in Wales – to meet our nation’s specific needs.

I am passionate in standing up for Welsh interests. Those interests are at risk of being hit by a Brexit sledgehammer and Tory insensitivity to Wales.

Our future can be very different.

Liberal Democrats offer grounds for hope. Our country is full of decent people whose future could be bright. You don’t have to settle for a mean-spirited Britain, with run-down hospitals and social care.

If you want an open, tolerant and united Britain, if you want a strong opposition in Parliament, if you want a prosperous and hopeful Wales, vote Liberal Democrat on 8th June.