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Local Team of the Year Award

Award is for:

Any local team in Wales that has made a sustained campaign at any level to further the electoral success of the Liberal Democrats in Wales.


This award is to recognise political campaigning. Most successful political campaigns are based on teamwork, and most require sustained campaigning over a period of time to achieve success. The team and the campaign can cover any political unit, from ward, to constituency, to region, to all-Wales. The team will probably be a fairly consistent group of people and the campaign will probably have the aim of getting one or more people elected. The intended election(s) can be at any level. The following are just examples of the sort of things that could be included in any nomination:

  • The different types of campaigning involved.
  • The length of time over which the campaigning was sustained.
  • Evidence of any political difference that the campaigning made, e.g. seats won, members joining.
  • Training undertaken by team members.
  • The team’s support for others.

How to Nominate:

Any member may make as many nominations as they wish. Nominations will close at mid-day on Monday 17th October.

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Nominations should explain why you think the nominee deserves the award, with reference to the category criteria.

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