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Lib Dems NHS and Social Care plans would mean more than £226m for Wales

Ahead of the UK Government Budget the Liberal Democrats have called for an extra £4bn funding in this week’s Budget for the NHS and Social Care services.

The Liberal Democrats believe we need a long term solution for funding Health and Social Care which will include raising additional revenue for these vital services from taxation. The party has established an independent expert panel who will make evidence based recommendations on how this can be delivered in the fairest way.

An budget increase of £4bn would result in a £226m increase for Wales.

WelshLiberal Democrat Leader Mark Williams said:

“People across the country know the cost of a health and social care system under pressure. It is the longer waiting lists, the shorter care visits and the loved ones stranded in hospital because their local authority hasn’t got the resource to provide the care they need.

“We cannot continue to avoid this issue. More money is needed for NHS and social care and only the Liberal Democrats are being upfront with people about the tough decisions that need to be taken and that will include fair tax rises.

“This looks like it will only get worse, with Theresa May’s reckless dealings with Europe hitting our economy, meaning even less resources will be available. The Government needs to face facts - a hard Brexit will hurt our NHS.”

Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Cllr Elizabeth Evans said:

“Patients and their families are fed up with politicians sidestepping the difficult questions when it comes to improving the NHS and social care services. The Liberal Democrats are determined to set out a bold, new deal and a vision that will safeguard Britain’s health and social care services for generations to come”.

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