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Levelling Up Agenda for Wales – More Promises that Won’t be Kept

Responding to Michael Gove’s levelling up speech, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have stated it is hard to trust the Conservatives given a long record of failure to deliver investment in Wales.

Party Leader and Senedd Member Jane Dodds said:

“The evidence we have from the Conservatives so far on ‘levelling up’ is that for them, it is just an empty slogan. Throughout the years various infrastructure projects promised to Wales by the Conservatives have dragged on for years only to then be cancelled, not least the electrification of the South Wales rail lines and the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon.

“It also concerns me that any projects taken forward by the Conservatives will not be delivered on time or on budget. This week we have heard that the Conservatives wrote off £4.3 billion of fraudulent COVID-19 loans, that is enough to reopen the Aberystwyth-Carmarthen railway five times over. They have also wrote off £8.7 billion on unused PPE, to put this in perspective the annual budget of the Welsh NHS is £8.3 billion. This does not inspire confidence that the Conservatives know how to handle taxpayers money responsibly.


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