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Letter from Jane Dodds to Alun Cairns on No Deal Brexit

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds has written to Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns urging him to resign from the Cabinet and resign the Conservative Party whip if a no deal Brexit becomes UK Government policy.


Dear Secretary of State,

Like many people across Wales, I’m increasing alarmed by the rhetoric coming from certain colleagues of yours in the UK Government about the viability and desirability of a no deal Brexit.

It’s no secret we have substantial disagreements on Brexit, but I hope we agree that a no deal Brexit would be disastrous for Wales. The Bank of England and your government’s own figures show that a no deal Brexit would be devastating for the Welsh economy, causing it to shrink by 9.5%.

It would be unthinkable for a no deal Brexit to become UK Government policy. I was reassured to hear your government colleague David Gauke claim yesterday that several Cabinet members could resign if no deal became the government’s policy. I was also pleased to hear that your parliamentary colleagues Nick Boles, Anna Soubry and Sarah Wollaston would resign the Conservative Party whip in that eventuality.

I am writing to ask whether you would be willing to resign from the Cabinet and resign the Conservative Party Whip if a no deal Brexit does become government policy? I believe it is incumbent on all of us to do all we can to avoid a no deal Brexit. Given your esteemed position and profile, your resignation from government and the Conservative party would send a clear signal that a no deal Brexit is unacceptable to Wales and should be unacceptable to the entire UK Government.

I trust you are doing all you can within government to convince your colleagues a no deal Brexit is not an option. If these efforts fail, I urge you to join colleagues in resigning from the government and the Conservative Party whip. This would illustrate the depth of your opposition to a no deal Brexit and ensure you avoid facilitating such a disastrous outcome.

I look forward to receiving your response soon.

Best Wishes,

Jane Dodds,

Leader, Welsh Liberal Democrats

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