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Latest Resignation shows UKIP Wales in Shambles

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have claimed Michelle Brown’s resignation from UKIP Wales shows the party is in crisis.

UKIP Wales now have only three AMs, down from the seven that were elected in 2016. Michelle Brown, Caroline Jones, Mark Reckless and Nathan Gill have all quit the party, whilst Gill’s replacement Mandy Jones sits as an independent.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds commented:

The latest resignation from UKIP’s Assembly group shows clearly how shambolic the party has become. In fewer than three years UKIP Wales has managed to lose over half its Assembly Group. Losing one AM is unfortunate, losing four begins to look careless.

UKIP have always been an extreme party, But in recent months UKIP have become even more extreme, defining themselves by naked Islamophobia whilst embracing fascist thugs like Tommy Robinson.

It says a lot when your party becomes too extreme for anyone but misogynists like Neil Hamilton and transphobes like Gareth Bennett. We wholeheartedly reject UKIP Wales’ hatred and are confident the people of Wales will do likewise in 2021.

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