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Labour vote to leave Wales powerless on Brexit

Labour MPs abstained on an amendment to the European Union Withdrawal Bill that would have would have required the Assembly and other devolved legislatures to consent to the repeal of the European Communities Act.

Despite describing the EU Withdrawal Bill as a “naked power grab,” Welsh Labour refused to give Wales the opportunity to block a Brexit deal that will undermine devolution and do untold damage to the Welsh Economy.  

Commenting, Welsh Lib Dem Leader Jane Dodds said;

"If we ever needed proof that we can't trust Labour to stand up for Wales, this was it. Labour politicians in Cardiff Bay will be understandably angry that their colleagues in London decided to turn their backs on Wales at an incredibly important point in the Brexit negotiations.”

“Brexit will impact every aspect of the Welsh economy, from lamb exports and ports to industry and small businesses. This vote was a golden opportunity to give Wales a powerful voice in negotiations and protect Wales from a Brexit that risks jobs and pushes up prices. Labour have once again comprehensively failed Wales.”

"As the Brexit negotiations become more chaotic by the day and the UK lurches towards a no deal Brexit, it's becoming increasingly clear that we need an exit from Brexit and that the people are given a vote on the final deal."

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