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Labour Must Support People’s Vote if No Confidence Fails

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have urged Mark Drakeford and the entirety of Labour to unambiguously support a People’s Vote if the no confidence vote in the Government fails later in Parliament.

The UK Government’s Brexit Deal was defeated by an enormous 230 votes, easily the biggest government defeat in the Commons in modern history.

Labour have consistently refused to support a People’s Vote. Instead they claim a general election should be the priority and a People’s Vote should only take place if efforts to force a general election fail.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said:

Liberal Democrats will vote to say we have no confidence in Theresa May and her Government. But we're very clear that a General Election solves nothing.

Whether Brexit is delivered by Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn, the result is the same: Brexit is a disaster for Britain. The only way out of this mess now is to go back to the people and give them the final say on Brexit, including the option to remain in the EU.

It’s immensely disappointing Jeremy Corbyn and Mark Drakeford continue to oppose a People’s Vote, preferring to call for a general election. This no confidence vote is Labour’s only chance of forcing a general election. If this motion fails, Labour must stay true to their policy and support a People’s Vote.

I was proud to join colleagues from across the political spectrum in signing an open letter to Mark Drakeford urging him to support a People’s Vote. So far the First Minister has resisted our calls. If this no confidence vote fails, Mark Drakeford will have no excuse and must immediately and unambiguously support a People’s Vote.

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