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Labour desperate to avoid talking about Brexit

In launching Labour's 5 point plan for the General Election, First Minister Carwyn Jones said that this will not be the Brexit election. Labour have let Wales down on Brexit.

Mark Williams said;

“The stakes for Wales in this election are enormous, not least the economic damage a hard Brexit will have on Welsh jobs and business. 

“The reason Labour don’t want to fight this election on Brexit is because Jeremy Corbyn has sent his MPs trooping through the lobby with the Conservatives time and time again.

“The fact remains that in dragging Wales out of the single market we cannot create a strong economy with decent wages, and we cannot provide the extra resources our health and social care services desperately need.

“In this election, a vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats is a vote to remain in the single market, a vote to invest in our NHS and social care services, a vote for our children, and a vote to protect our environment.

“The Liberal Democrats will be the strong opposition this country needs.”

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