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Kirsty Williams – People deserve final say

Ahead of the People’s Vote for Future Generations Rally at which she will be speaking, Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member Kirsty Williams has urged a People’s Vote to protect opportunities for young people and to give the people the final say on Brexit.

Kirsty will be speaking at the People’s Vote for Future Generations Rally that will take place outside the Senedd at 12:30 today.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Kirsty Williams AM said:

The potential devastating effects of Brexit will be felt by our young people for decades to come, they should be able to decide their future and reject Brexit at the ballot box.

When the UK voted to leave in 2016, we did not know what type of Brexit we’d get, nor what it would actually entail. Now the facts are becoming clear, the people must be given the final say on Brexit through a People’s Vote.”

Democracy started this process and democracy should also end it. Once people know the terms of the final deal they deserve a say on their own future.

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