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Kirsty Williams pays tribute to Nick Clegg

Following the announcement by Nick Clegg that he will resign as Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

“Nick Clegg is a man of both decency and integrity who helped transform the face of British politics.

“In 2010 Nick demonstrated what true leadership looks like at a time when our country most needed it. His decision to form a coalition government was the right one for the country, and these isles are a more liberal place because of it.

“Sadly, Nick is right to say that fear and grievance have won the day, while Liberalism has lost. But this is just one battle of many to come and my party has been here before.

“The Liberal Democrats are a party of great resilience and we will come back fighting for what we believe in: our values of freedom, tolerance, equality and community are needed now more than ever.”

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