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Jo Watkins: Email #4

Dear x,

Well congratulations – if you’re reading this you’ve no doubt certainly had your share of reading Liberal Democrat emails these last few weeks, what with the Leadership Election along with your chance to state your preference for who will be number one on the South Wales East Regional List for our party.

Before I spoke on Education at the Welsh Party Conference

If you’ve not already cast your vote for who will lead our Regional List for the Senedd, do cast your eye over my manifesto for Education, the Environment and the Economy here.

If you want a worker and a winner, remember I’m the candidate who led campaign teams in four constituencies at the last General Election, as well as in both Welsh by elections in 2019 and who won the first ever Caldicot County Council seat for the Lib Dems at my first attempt in the 2017 local elections.

Campaigning with my husband Cris in the Newport West by election, 2019

But I have one last ask of you (as well as asking for your vote!).  Please do consider getting involved in the 2021 Senedd Campaign as well as the 2022 Local Elections.  Whether it is simply putting a poster up in your window, donating to your local party, making calls or delivering leaflets, or indeed standing in your local community or City or County Council elections in 2022 – Wales needs Liberal voices now more than ever. 

Vote for me to lead the Regional List for the Senedd – and then think about what you can do that will make a difference for your party, for your community, and for the region as a whole in the next two years. 

Your vote and your voice can make every difference.

Best wishes


Ps. Remember - if you would like further information about my campaign plan you can always contact me directly and I’ll answer any questions you have by email on [email protected]

You can also catch me on social media on: Twitter via @cllrjowatkins and on Facebook via @JoWatkinsPolitician

Jo and family at home, including champion campaigning Jack Russell Terrier ‘Nyima’

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