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Jo Watkins: Email #3

Dear x,

Speaking with party members across the region in recent weeks has reinforced the feeling of a groundswell of support for ensuring we have a strong liberal voice in the Senedd in 2021. If you select me to be the number one candidate on the regional list I will continue to campaign tirelessly to be that voice.

I’m delighted to say that I am Monmouth Constituency Candidate for the Senedd, which I hope will bring my local media experience and connections to the region as a whole if you also choose me to lead the regional list.

A Worker… A Winner…

Campaigning across four constituencies in the 2019 General Election showed me clearly the great well of skills, passion, energy and enthusiasm amongst our members and supporters which for any number of historical reasons has been largely untapped for years.

It's time to engage with our Membership - all of them - and unleash that potential through the Assembly Election and onward into the Local Elections that follow.

I know how to win, becoming the first Lib Dem to win a County Council seat in Caldicot.

I will continue to take a cooperative and inclusive approach, training, mentoring and organising everyone who wants to volunteer.

I led a team of activists in the 2019 By-Election and the General Election, and trained new members in door-to-door and telephone canvassing tools & techniques. I doubled the vote in Islwyn in the last General Election, and worked in Monmouth & Newport East.


I will continue to demonstrate my leadership

  • By recruiting new members, and training new activists across the region as a whole
  • By fundraising across the region, to ensure our financial resources can support the talent and energy of our party members, to transform our vote share and results not just in the Senedd elections but in the Local Council elections which will follow in 2022.
  • By continuing to be the leading liberal voice in the region’s media on the issues that matter to our communities, such as housing, education and the environment.
  • By using my platform as first list candidate to support Council candidates in target wards for 2022, with the goal of at least tripling our number of Council seats in 2 years’ time.

Best wishes


Cllr Jo Watkins

Ps. Please don’t forget to select me as your number one choice for the regional list when the ballot arrives in a couple of days’ time.

And remember - if you would like further information about my campaign plan, including if you would like help getting involved in the Senedd 2021 campaign team, you can always contact me directly and I’ll answer any questions you have by email on [email protected]

You can also catch me on social media on: Twitter via @cllrjowatkins and on Facebook via @JoWatkinsPolitician

Islwyn 2019 - One of the four constituencies in which I worked during the General Election

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