Wefan Gymraeg

Julian Tandy


Local Party:

  • Carmarthenshire

About Julian:

Julian was elected as the Executive Officer for Campaigns and Communications, and as State Chair for Candidates, in 2019. During the 2019 General Election he was the Non-target Seat Campaigns Coordinator for Wales, with responsibility for Candidates and the Freepost and at the 2021 Senedd elections he was again responsible for Candidates and the Freepost but across all seats and the lists this time.

He has used his experience in running a business, managing large teams and leading a national non-profit organisation in Wales to help organise and energise both his Local Party and the Welsh Party. An ex-community councillor he is again standing for both Community and County Council seats in May 2022 in his home ward.

Get in touch:

Email: [email protected]

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