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Johnson victory a dark day for British politics

Welsh Liberal Democrat President William Powell has responded to Boris Johnson’s victory in the Conservative party’s leadership election, calling it a dark day for British politics.

Cllr Powell commented:

Today is a dark day for British politics. The man likely to be our next Prime Minister is fundamentally untrustworthy and has a history of bigoted and offensive statements towards the BME, LGBT+ and Muslim communities. We will fight Boris’ bigotry and stand up for a tolerant Britain.

Boris Johnson’s failure to stand up for Sir Kim Darroch, his kowtowing to Donald Trump and his tragic incompetence on Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe clearly shows he cannot be trusted on the world stage.

It is disgraceful that Boris Johnson refuses to rule out proroguing Parliament to achieve a no deal Brexit. This would do irreparable damage to our democracy and our economy. We will continue to co-operate across Parliament to prevent a no deal Brexit and do all we can to give the people the final say and the opportunity to stop Brexit.

There could hardly be a better example of the competing visions for our country than this week. Yesterday we saw our new leader Jo Swinson set out her optimistic vision for a fair, free and Liberal Britain. Today the Tories elected Boris Johnson as their leader, triggering an ever-growing tally of resignations by the dwindling number of moderate voices left in Government.

If like us you reject Johnson’s divisive and narrow-minded vision for our country, we need you to support the Liberal Democrats. Seeing off a harmful no deal Brexit is the great battle of our times. The Liberal Democrats will be at the heart of that fight.'

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