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Johnson’s Brexit Plans Disastrous for Welsh Farmers

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have criticised Boris Johnson’s claim that his Brexit deal would mean zero tariffs or quotas for Welsh farmers exporting to the EU.

NFU Cymru President John Davies said farmers had no certainty about access to EU markets until "the ink is dry" on a post-Brexit trade agreement

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said:

Boris Johnson saying that Welsh farmers would face no tariffs or quotas under his Brexit plans shows he is either deliberately misleading people or does not know what his own Withdrawal Agreement entails.

Under Johnson’s deal the UK would enter a year-long transition period, in which time negotiations will take place to determine our future trading relationship with the EU. It provides no guarantees about the end destination and fails to provide any safeguards in case a deal is not reached in time.

Furthermore, due to the Conservatives ruling out any extension to this transition period in their manifesto, the most likely outcome is still a damaging no-deal Brexit, including all the tariffs and quotas that come with it.

The only way to guarantee tariff and quota free access to European markets for Welsh farmers is to remain in the EU. Liberal Democrats will continue to fight to stay in the EU, protecting Welsh farmers and building a brighter future.

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