Wefan Gymraeg

Jason Edwards

Candidate for Aberconwy


Demanding Better for Aberconwy

As MP for Aberconwy, Jason will demand better for our communities and champion an open, liberal and prosperous Britain.

  • Stop Brexit: Stop Brexit and build a prosperous, liberal Britain.
  • Tackle the climate crisis: Tackle the climate crisis and invest in renewable energy, creating green jobs.
  • Strengthen our communities: Strengthen our communities by fighting poverty, ensuring no communities feels left behind.

Jason and the Welsh Liberal Democrats need your support to deliver their positive plan for change and to Stop Brexit. 

About Jason

Jason was born and raised on Anglesey and is a first language Welsh speaker. He is passionate about Wales and views Brexit as the single biggest issue facing the nation at present. He has been heavily involved in campaigning all across the country in support of a People’s Vote and continues to champion the benefits of EU membership to Wales.

Jason is an active town councillor within his community of Penmaenmawr. Before entering politics he worked as a social enterprise development officer and worked within the community transport sector across North Wales. He is also a passionate local campaigner, who often can be found volunteering on a variety of local projects and schemes, such as being Treasurer and active volunteer at a local foodbank. Jason is also a director of a visual media social enterprise that provides practical training and work experience for younger people in the filmand TV industry. 

In his spare time, Jason can usually be found pursuing his other passions such as skateboarding, going to the cinema and working on a photographic portrait project.


Back Jason and Demand Better for Aberconwy 

Jason and the Welsh Liberal Democrats need your support to deliver their positive plan for change, demanding better for Abercowny and to Stop Brexit.

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Contact Jason:

Email: jason@aberconwyld.org.uk

Twitter: @jasonlibdem