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It’s the Welsh Lib Dems or UKIP, says Kirsty Williams

Kirsty Williams has today underlined that it is only by voting Welsh Liberal Democrat will people be able to stop UKIP gaining seats in the National Assembly elections.

After months of infighting, UKIP has today selected its regional list candidates. UKIP are highly unlikely to win any constituency seats, and it is clear that the party is focusing its efforts on winning regional seats.

Kirsty Williams AM is urging people who have traditionally voted Plaid, Labour and Conservative to vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats with their regional vote.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

“Let’s be clear: UKIP have no interest in standing up for communities in Wales. None of the candidates selected today have a track record of fighting for Wales, and some of them don’t even live in Wales. Flying failed ex Tory MPs into these elections simply won’t wash.

“Time and time again UKIP have tried to divide communities. That is why people must unite. In many regional seats across Wales the choice for the fourth seat is between UKIP and the Welsh Liberal Democrats. That is the clear choice that many people must make.

“People who traditionally vote Plaid, Labour and Conservative need to lend their regional vote to the Welsh Liberal Democrats to stop UKIP. A vote for Labour is especially a wasted vote as they can’t win and could let UKIP sneak in.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats have listened to people’s concerns. Our manifesto priorities will be your priorities: more nurses on hospital wards, smaller class sizes for our children, and an Opportunity Economy which helps businesses grow and supports people to own their own home. The Welsh Liberal Democrats will deliver a Wales that works for you.”

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