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Improve access to GPs say Welsh Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats would raise 1p on income tax to raise £6bn per year, to be spent on the NHS and social care services in England. These plans would raise an additional £300m per year to be spent in Wales.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have called for additional funding for Wales to be used to drive innovation and improvements in front line health services. 

The Welsh Liberal Democrats would introduce a £10m Access to GPs scheme to improve access to GPs and reduce delays for patients seeking appointments at their local practice.

Commenting, Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Brecon and Radnor James Gibson-Watt said;

“Our NHS is in crisis and we desperately need to get more money to the front line. 

“Too often people struggle to get a timely appointment with their GP which has enormous knock-on effects for patient health and other health services.

“The Welsh Lib Dems would invest in a fully funded Access to GPs scheme to help ensure that people can get timely appointments and allow GP practices to work better together. 

“The Access to GPs scheme would let GPs themselves decide the best ways forward, depending on local need, whether that be employing more GPs, extending opening hours, or providing more services at home.

“It is the Liberal Democrats who have the vision for a better future for our NHS and social care services.”

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