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I don't usually vote

Elections can feel as if there is little at stake, that they are about minor differences regarding levels of taxation at most and about other small issues. It's understandable that those less interested in politics don't exercise their right to vote because they don;t see the big differences between the parties. And voting doesn't always seem to bring a big enough change.

This time, however, the situation is gravely different. The referendum was decided by a small margin, making many people who didn't vote partly responsible for an outcome they actually didn't want. Yet, the outcome will affect their livelihood dramatically.

The choices Theresa May is making now will affect your life much further than any of the laws and bills that have come into being over the last 40 years: How we bargain with the EU and whether we can keep access to the single market will affect your job prospects, your bank balance.

It's not too late to show Theresa May that you don't agree with her hard Brexit and her heartless policies. International research projects in science and health, intelligence cooperation, our trading ability and overall prosperity are at stake and it should be you who gets to decide whether the deal she negotiates is worth the hoped-for gains from leaving the EU. 

The Conservative manifesto also includes some grave invasion into social media and privacy laws and endangers civil and human rights which will impact your every day life. A vote for them is to surrender control to an authoritarian Prime Minister on polling day.

Since its existence the NHS has never been in a bigger crisis. Voting Tory will reduce the quality of and your access to our free health services and worsen the way our elderly and parents will be looked after. Your vote will decide whether parts of this institution will be sold off or privatised, ignored and run into the grounds – or whether there will be a solid funding from a 1p Income Tax increase to save this valuable service from its current crisis.download_(2).jpg

Conservative school cuts will limit your children's chances, depending on your income and unfair funding, ignoring actual class sizes. You can stop the planned cuts as well as the pointless introduction of grammar schools and vote for a better funded education system instead. 

Your vote will determine whether you and your children can enjoy a future free from pollution with larger portions of our electricity coming from green sources or whether short term opportunism will lead to more premature deaths from increased environmental damage.

Your vote will decide if we reach a house-building target of 300,000 homes a year by 2022, keep housing benefits for 18 – 21 year-olds, extend free childcare to all two-year-olds and reduce the cost of bus travel for the 16 – 21 year olds. The Liberal Democrats will ensure a safe global world by suspending arms sales to countries with poor human rights records and making sure at home that no vote is wasted by introducing proportional representation and giving 16-17 year-olds the right to vote.

All of these issues will determine your future, your prosperity and chances in life. Your vote will decide if you will be stuck in an isolated nationalistic world of the past or in an open, tolerant and progressive future with opportunities for you and future generations.

Does this sound like a vote you want to miss?

A vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats can change Wales's future – your future.


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