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Welsh Lib Dems Welcome Extension of HPV Vaccine to Boys

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed the announcement from Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services Vaughan Gething that the HPV vaccine will be extended to boys, which follows the recommendation of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).


The JCVI concluded that a “gender-neutral HPV vaccination is highly likely to be cost-effective” and recommended extending vaccinations to boys at the same age as girls.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Cllr Bablin Molik commented:

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have consistently fought for the HPV vaccine to be extended to adolescent boys to protect them from HPV and other cancers later in life. We have long believed that boys should be vaccinated on the same basis as their female peers to ensure the maximum possible protection from cancer.

We applaud the decisions made by the the Cabinet Secretary and the JCVI, decisions that vindicate the hard work of all those who’ve fought to make this happen. Make no mistake, today’s decisions will save lives.

I urge the Cabinet Secretary to implement extend the HPV vaccine to adolescent boys at the earliest opportunity. We know the infrastructure already exists in schools, so there can be no excuse for delay.

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